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Breaker Box Replacement in Inver Grove Heights

Your electrical panel is the hub for your home's electrical system. So, when you need to repair or replace it, you can count on our certified technicians. Most people don't think about replacing an electrical panel, especially if it seems to be working fine. However, an electrical panel can wear out, and experts recommend replacing or upgrading them to improve safety and gain features.

If your electrical panel is over 40 years old, here are a few benefits to upgrading or replacing it.

Upgrades allow the electrical panel to handle the increased demands put on the system by modern appliances and electronic gadgets. Old panels and fuse boxes typically can't handle today's power consumption needs, resulting in more blown fuses and tripped breakers.

Secondly, an upgrade can improve the overall safety of the electrical system. Today's electrical panels provide advanced features such as arc-fault and ground-fault circuit interrupters, which help prevent electrical fires and shocks.

Another advantage to an upgrade is that you may qualify for lower insurance premiums because of the reduced risk of electrical-related accidents.

Lastly, an upgraded electrical panel can increase the home's value, making it more attractive to potential buyers looking for a safe and modern home with an up-to-date and safe electrical system.

If your home is over 40 years old, call us for a home safety inspection to determine if you could benefit from an electrical panel upgrade.

Inver Grove Heights Home Wiring Repair

Is your home filled with outdated wiring? If you live in a home over 40 years old and have never had it re-wired, it could be a disaster waiting to happen. Here are a few signs you need to repair or update your wires.


As mentioned, if your home is over 40 years old and still has its original wiring, it's probably outdated and potentially dangerous. This is especially true if the wiring is made of aluminum rather than copper. Aluminum wiring oxidizes and corrodes, leading to increased resistance and overheating.

Frequent circuit breaker trips

If your circuit breaker frequently trips or you often blow fuses, it may be a sign that your home's wiring can't handle the electrical load you're putting on it.

Flickering lights

Suppose your lights flicker or dim when you turn on appliances. That could signal that your home's wiring is outdated or damaged and isn't providing enough power to meet the demands of your devices and electronics.

Burning smell or sparks

Burning odors or sparks from outlets are a sure sign that you need wiring repair as quickly as possible because it's a fire and shock risk.

Buzzing sound

If you hear a buzzing sound coming from outlets or switches, it could signify outdated or damaged wiring.

Ignoring these issues puts your family and home at risk. Contact the expert electricians at Edison Electric today for a home electrical safety inspection.

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Your Full-Service Electrical Company

Edison Electric isn't like our competitors; we're fully owner-operated, and when you call us or we show up at your house, you're most likely dealing with one of the company's owners. We started in 2007 with two vans and have grown to serve thousands of customers throughout the Twin Cities. We want to be the only electrical contractor you'll ever need, which is why we offer a complete line of services, including:

  • Electrical repairs and troubleshooting
  • Outlet repair and replacement
  • GFCI outlet installation
  • Breaker box replacementI
  • Electrical panel upgrade
  • Indoor and outdoor lighting installation
  • Dimmer switch lighting installation
  • Ceiling fan & chandelier installation
  • Motion sensor activated lighting
  • Hot tub wiring
  • Smoke detector installation
  • TV wall mount installation
  • And more

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