Home Rewiring Services

Home Rewiring Services in Minnesota

Are you thinking about re-wiring part or all of your home? Perhaps a home inspection uncovered some aluminum circuits or knob and tube wiring in an area of your house. Don’t worry, Edison Electric can help! We have the experience to re-wire your circuits right the first time!

Common Reasons for Re-wiring in Minneapolis

Aluminum wiring and knob & tube wiring are two examples of outdated wiring which we feel should be removed and replaced. Any type of wiring, both new and old, can be a hazard and may need to be replaced if it is damaged. Damage caused by rodents, exposure to water, overheating and abuse are causes for damage and reasons for home wiring replacement.

Re-wiring an outdated or damaged circuit is always the safest option when choosing between complete wiring replacements vs wiring repairs. Our electricians will provide all of the options available to you and help you find a solution that meets your needs and your budget.

Aluminum Wiring – Wiring Replacement Services
in the Twin Cities

Aluminum wiring was mostly used in houses built in the 1970’s. Poor electrical connections are the main issue in aluminum circuits and the excessive heat generated by the poor connections can become a fire hazard. Our electricians will identify your aluminum wiring and provide pricing and available options for complete replacement.

Knob and Tube Wiring Replacement – Rewiring Services in Minneapolis

Knob and tube was a common wiring method used in pre-1950’s houses in St. Paul and Minneapolis.

Usually, knob and tube wiring is in poor condition because it has either been incorrectly altered, covered with insulation or has been overloaded for a long period of time. Knob and tube is considered substandard because it does not have a ground wire – insurance companies usually require that knob and tube wiring be replaced.

Our electricians have the experience to identify and replace your knob and tube wiring efficiently, with as little damage to your walls and ceiling as possible. Make your home safer – give us a call and schedule a visit!

Outdated Fuse Boxes and Overloaded Circuits – Wiring Upgrades

If your home still has a fuse panel, chances are the wiring in your home is mostly original and possibly overloaded.

One of the most popular combinations of services we perform is a fuse box to circuit panel upgrade combined with installing a few new circuits to share the load and ease the burden on your existing wiring.

Licensed, Experienced Electricians – Edison Electric in Minneapolis

Re-wiring circuits in your home is a job for an experienced, professional electrician. Please, do not leave this work for a handyman, you will regret it! Always have a licensed electrician evaluate and install all the wiring upgrades in your home! Call on a professional you can trust, call Edison Electric today!

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