Whole House Surge Protection

Electrical Surges – Edison Electric in Minneapolis

Did you know that a large electrical surge or voltage spike can destroy every sensitive piece of electronics in your home? Maybe you know somebody who has experienced a large electrical surge.

Televisions, iPad docks, phone chargers, modems, washers, dryers, dishwashers, garage door openers, and laptops are all susceptible to electrical surges. Are your home appliances protected?

What is an Electrical Surge?

An electrical surge is a voltage spike originating from inside your home or from an outdoor electrical occurrence. Surges penetrate your home electrical system thousands of times a day and disturb the normal operating voltages in your home.

The smaller, more common everyday electrical surges gradually shorten the life of your electronic devices and equipment. The larger, more violent surges usually originate from your power company or a lightning strike and can end the life of your electronic equipment in a nanosecond!

Maximum Protection is a Basic Two Stage Approach

Whole house surge protectors installed at your main electrical panel shield against surges originating outside your home while point-of-use surge strips help protect your electronics against surges originating inside your home. Quality surge protection is definitely a two stage approach – point-of-use surge strips are just as important as main panel whole house surge protection.

Other Minneapolis Surge Protection Tips!

  • Isolate power hungry appliances from your sensitive electronics.
  • Only plug into grounded outlets.
  • Have your grounding system brought up to current code standards.

Whole House Surge Protection – Electricians in the Twin Cities

Whole house surge protection is an affordable way to protect your home appliances! Call Edison Electric and have one of our licensed electricians install a whole house surge protector at your main electrical panel today!

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