Troubleshoot & Repair

Expert Troubleshooting and Repair

If you are experiencing electrical problems, we can help! Many electrical problems are due to a poor electrical connection somewhere in the circuit. Our electricians are experts at tracking down electrical problems and making repairs on the spot.

Don’t procrastinate, have one of our electricians investigate your electrical issues as soon as you discover a problem. Many electrical problems are an indication of a shock or fire hazard and could be more serious than they appear. Our electricians are experts at solving electrical mysteries, so call on us when the lights go out!

Common Electrical Issues in MN

Here are some very common complaints we receive…

  • Flickering lights
  • Warm or hot switches
  • No power / dead outlets
  • Blowing fuses / tripping circuit breakers
  • Power company says you need an electrician
  • Code / inspection compliance

Circuit Breaker and Fuse Replacement

Frequently blowing fuses and tripping circuit breakers are an indication that you need a professional to evaluate your electrical situation. Our electricians will be able to make recommendations to ensure your home is safer and more enjoyable. Keep in mind, it is not normal to have to replace a fuse or reset a tripped circuit breaker every couple of weeks, so give us a call and let us investigate!

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