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Electric Mast Repairs in Columbia Heights

Does your house have any power lines installed? If you do, here are three things you should know in case your power lines get damaged or ripped down by a tree or high winds. The overhead power lines and the meter that plugs into the meter socket are the power company's responsibility and will be


Electrical Panel Tune-up and Cleaning

Do you ever wonder what is inside your electrical panel? Okay, probably not. But since our electricians are in and out of electrical panels everyday, we see quite a variety and find a little bit of everything... snake-skin, mice, water, rust, ants, coins, insulation - you name it! The inside of your electrical panel should


Exterior Outlet Installation Forest Lake, MN

Adding exterior power outlets to houses in Forest Lake, MN is a common installation for our electricians.  Properly located exterior outlets are a home safety enhancement because they can help eliminate the over-usage of extension cords. All new exterior outlets need to be weather resistant, ground-fault protected and should be installed with heavy duty, in-use