Electrical Outlets

Electrical Outlet Repairs – Residential Electricians in MN

Do you have electrical outlets not working? Are you thinking of adding additional outlets in your home? We can help you with that! Our electricians are experts at evaluating the best ways to make repairs and add the outlets you have always wanted.

Whether you need a broken outlet replaced or wish to add an outlet for a flat screen television, we’ve got you covered. Having a licensed electrician from Edison Electric extend the circuits in your home is a great way to ensure the job is done right the first time.

Residential Receptacle Outlet Replacement – Three Prong Outlets

Many older homes our electricians visit still have the older style two prong outlets installed throughout the home. Replacing a two prong outlet with a three prong outlet is a dangerous situation if done incorrectly, so make sure to use a licensed electrician from Edison Electric perform the repair for you!

Edison Electric offers fast, on-time residential electrical repair services for all of the outlets and switches in your home. We have thousands of satisfied customers and will be able to efficiently handle all of your electrical needs.

Electrical Outlets and Switches – Twin Cities Metro Area

Switches and outlets wear out over time; if you live in an older home your light switches may be flimsy and your plugs may be very loose. Loose outlets and switches can cause an entire electrical circuit to act up.

If your home was built after 1973, there is a very good chance that the outlets in your home are “back-stabbed” and making a very poor connection. Back-stabbing outlets are a technique used by construction electricians to wire a house faster. Unfortunately, backstabbing outlets can lead to problems down the road. Many of the “loss of power” service calls we go on are due to a poor connection in a back-stabbed receptacle outlet or switch that has burned through.

The Edison Way

An Edison Electric electrician never backstabs an outlet and always makes sure your connections are pigtailed and placed tightly under a properly torqued screw terminal. We carry enough outlets and switches to replace every device in your house and can make recommendations to make your circuitry safer and more reliable.

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