Ceiling Fan Installations

Ceiling Fan Installations in the Twin Cities

Have you been thinking of replacing your existing bedroom light fixtures with energy efficient ceiling fans? We can help you with that! Ceiling fans are a great way to incorporate style and comfort into a bedroom while lowering your energy bill.

Ceiling Fans Provide Year-Round Savings in MN

Most ceiling fans have a setting on them to adjust the direction in which they spin. In the summertime they should be set to counter clockwise to create a downward air flow. Although this won’t lower the room temperature, it does provide a breeze which cools the skin and makes the room feel 6-8 degrees cooler.

In the winter months it is best to have the direction set to clockwise at a low speed which causes the fan blades to push the warmer air down into the room. This process will help keep you comfortable while lowering your winter heating bill by 10-15%.

Ceiling Fans Installed on Existing Wiring

When replacing a light fixture with a new ceiling fan it is important to make sure that the junction box is rated to support the new fan. Our electricians are trained to determine if an existing box is able to support a ceiling fan installation. Our experts arrive at your home equipped with all the materials and tools to install a new fan rated ceiling box if your existing box is not fan rated.

New Wiring for Ceiling Fans

Many older homes were wired with no ceiling lights in the bedrooms and living rooms which make adding a ceiling fan a more involved process. These situations are common for our electricians and we come fully equipped to install wiring to a new switch and ceiling fan location. Always protect your ceiling fan investment by having a licensed electrician from Edison Electric inspect your existing ceiling boxes and install your ceiling fans!

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