Why Choose Edison Electric, Inc.?

Experience the Edison Difference!

We are different from our competitors because we are owner operated in the truest sense. The Edison owners’ footprints are engraved in the trenches of every aspect of our small business. From answering the phone, to providing your service – you are most likely working with one of the owners of the company.

Professional service from people who care.

At Edison, our electricians train on installation and repair best practices, new products, electrical code changes and innovative ways to provide you with better, cleaner, more efficient service.

Our electricians are taught that the customers’ needs and satisfaction come first – the rest will take care of itself. We are here to provide you with real solutions to your specific electrical needs. When applicable, we will provide you with multiple options for your electrical repairs and help guide you so you can make the best decision for you, your family and your budget.

We are the Good Guys you’ve heard about!

Edison Electric, Inc. started with two vans, a dream and a shared vision between three friends. We knew there was a better way to serve homeowners, so we began the company way back in 2007 and set out to provide homeowners with the best residential electrical service possible.

Since that time in 2007 we have serviced thousands of customers, formed many friendships and made thousands of safety upgrades for customers all across the Twin Cities area.

Regular People Helping One Another

We take pride in being business owners who are out on the front lines – answering your phone calls and knocking on your door to perform service.

We go above and beyond because our customers are our friends and neighbors. Our customers are the people we stand in line with at the grocery store and see out in the community. It is important that every one of our customers has a world class experience when they call on Edison. If you see one of our trucks out and about in the community, we hope you’ll wave hello!