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Are they smoke alarms or fire alarms? How about both!


Let's roll the dice and make some educated assumptions about the fire alarms in your home

Chances are...

  • Your fire alarms are expired
  • Your fire alarms are unreliable and the cheapest available
  • Your fire alarms do not offer the best protection for your family

Now the facts:

The manufacturers and the National Fire Protection Association say...

  • Smoke alarms expire after 8 years and need to be replaced
  • 90% of the houses in America utilize ionization sensor alarms - the cheapest available
  • Dual Sensor alarms have photoelectric sensors and offer the best protection for your family


1 + 1 = 1

Smoke alarms with photoelectric sensors detect smoke and smoldering fires much faster than ionization sensors.

Dual Function Smoke Alarms

The two sensors working together are better and much more reliable than one sensor.  Think of the two sensors this way - the photoelectric sensor quickly detects the smoke, the ionization detects the flame.  Dual Sensor Alarms detect both - quickly!

Don't roll the dice when it comes to protecting your family from fire, have one of our experts replace your expired fire alarms with the best - Dual Sensor smoke alarms!  Until 3/31/15 we are offering the $89 smoke alarm upgrade special.  Call today 612-587-2777 or visit our website and watch our video about ionization and photoelectric smoke alarms!

Smoke Alarm Special