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Residential Underground Wiring - Edison Electric, Inc.

Our customers often have questions and sometimes need clarity on services we provide and don't provide.  One of the more popular questions we are asked is, "do you dig the trench to install underground wiring for my detached garage and/or shed?"  The answer to that question is yes!

There is nothing better than digging a trench on a beautiful Minnesota day! Granted, digging a trench isn't really considered electrical work, but it is a necessity and a service we provide quite Wiring for Garages and Sheds in Minneapolisfrequently.

The trench for most sheds and garages can be hand dug inside of a single days work. We provide this service, but understandably, some homeowners elect to dig the trench themselves to save money.

If you decide you would like to dig the trench yourself, we are happy to offer our instruction and advice for digging the trench safely and to minimum electrical code. Always remember to let the shovel do the work, bend your knees to save your back and call 811 before you dig!

For more information on  garage wiring, please visit our blog or call us at 612.385.7864.  Thank you!