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Fuse Box Replacement in Columbia Heights, MN

Are you thinking about having your fuse box replaced in Columbia Heights? Replacing your fuse box with a circuit breaker panel makes your home safer, adds value to your home and makes your home easier to sell down the road.  You may also be able to lower your insurance premiums by replacing your fuse box with a breaker box - check with your insurance provider.

A few things to consider before hiring an electrician in Columbia Heights to upgrade your electrical panel from fuses to circuit breakers:

- Make sure you use a licensed contractor who will pull an electrical permit for you

- Ask for at least three references for panel replacement work they have performed in the past

- Ask your electrical contractor about any other additional repairs or fees before work begins

- Verify that all of your circuits will be properly labeled at the electrical panel index

Many times when an electrical box is replaced or upgraded, the electric meter and the wiring outside needs to be replaced due to disrepair or  power company requirements.  In addition, your grounding electrode system will need to be brought up to current code.

A good electrical contractor knows these things, and will divulge these details, along with the costs associated  - before any work begins.  At Edison Electric, Inc. the total cost of a job is never a mystery and is always explained to you in detail prior to work so you can make an informed decision.

If you are thinking of having your electrical panel replaced, make sure to use a licensed contractor who will pull a permit and have an inspection.  It is required by law and avoiding this step can cause problems for you down the road when you try to sell your house.  If you have questions about your electrical panel, give us a call!  612-385-7864

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