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3 Common Reasons for Hiring an Electrician in Plymouth, MN

Plymouth is the seventh largest city in Minnesota and is a beautiful place to live!  In the year 1960, Plymouth had a population of about 9,500 people.  By the year 1990, the population grew to 51,000 people, which means that many homes in Plymouth were built between 1960 and 1990.   Here are three common reasons homeowners call Edison Electric, Inc. when they need an electrician in Plymouth!

Reason #1 - Replacing outdated light fixtures.  Upgrading your light fixtures to a modern style is an easy and effective way to give your home a face-lift!  Always hire a licensed electrician!  Anyone can get a light to work... An Edison Electric, Inc. electrician will inspect the wiring and install your light fixture to work safely!

Reason #2 - GFCI Protection.  Many of the older houses in Plymouth have little or no GFCI protection.  The lack of GFCI protection is an easy red flag for home inspectors and a common repair in bathrooms, kitchens, outdoors and in the laundry areas of houses being purchased and sold in Plymouth.

Reason #3 - Electrical Panel Replacement.  Many of the circuit breaker panels installed between 1960 and 1980 are of a lower quality than what is available today.  The word is out about the fire Plymouth Electricianhazards associated with Federal Pacific and Zinsco electrical panels.

At Edison Electric, Inc. all of our electricians are Minnesota licensed Journeyman and Master electricians who will always make recommendations for your electrical safety.  Our Valued Member Protection Plan can save you money on your first service visit and has many benefits to you including a home safety evaluation, an electrical panel tune-up / inspection, and 15% off all repair work for 1 year!  Give us a call today! 612.385.7864