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Exterior Outlet Installation Forest Lake, MN

Adding exterior power outlets to houses in Forest Lake, MN is a common installation for our electricians.  Properly located exterior outlets are a home safety enhancement because they can help eliminate the over-usage of extension cords.

All new exterior outlets need to be weather resistant, ground-fault protected and should be installed with heavy duty, in-use bubble covers.  Depending on what will be plugged into your new exterior outlet, a new line from your electrical panel may be recommended.Forest Lake Outlets

In Forest Lake, the most popular outdoor outlet we install is the Arlington garden post outlet.   People love the Arlington outlets because they look terrific and are extremely convenient for power needed in locations where there is no structure. The Arlington garden post is a freestanding yard outlet often used for fountains, septic stations, pumps and pathway lighting.  The wiring is installed underground and comes up into the bottom of the garden post.

Whether you need exterior outlets or new motion sensor wiring for your outdoor lights; we are always happy to provide our recommendations for the best and safest Home electrical expertsinstallations! Give Edison Electric, Inc. a call for all of your outdoor wiring needs! 612-385-7864.