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Mystery Switches and Outlets in Your House?

Moving from one house to another can be an arduous task. Hauling belongings through hallways without scuffing the walls. Calling the cable company, changing the address, meeting the new neighbors...  But eventually, the hard work is all worth it.  The new place becomes a home.

Finishing touches like decorating and settling into the new house can take a while and so can figuring out what some of the wall switches, circuit breakers and wall plugs do.  Here are a couple of tips for figuring out the electrical in your new house!

- Painting the walls before you move your belongings into the new house is a good idea and so is labeling the circuits in your electrical panel.  It is easier to be more detailed when labeling your circuit breakers without your furniture in the way.

- Mysterious wall switches that don't seem to do anything usually control one half of a wall outlet somewhere.  If there are no overhead lights in the room then it is almost Switches Controlling Wall Outletscertain that the wall switch is for an outlet.  Other things that wall switches can control; porch outlets, exterior outlets, post lights, landscape lights, lights on a detached garage etc.  One thing is for sure; finding out which switches control what is easier when furniture is not in the way.

- Wall plugs that don't work may be controlled by a wall switch!  See above...

Here are some other tips...

- Identify the main circuit breaker at your breaker box, label it and know how to use it.  In case of an emergency, you may need to shut off all of the power to your home.  Show the family where the circuit breaker panel is and explain the dangers associated with electricity.

- Test your smoke alarms and verify that they are not expired.  Develop a fire escape plan and have a family meeting to discuss escape routes in case of a fire.

If you have just moved into a new home and you can't quite figure out where that mysterious wall switch goes or you would like your electrical panel inspected - give us a call, there is always a Tracing out circuit breakerschance that the wall switch is bad and needs to be replaced!  We love helping new homeowners feel comfortable in their new houses and we would like to help introduce you to your electrical system.  612-385-7864.