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Minneapolis Electrical Services by Edison Electric, Inc.

minneapolis electrician

Minneapolis Electrician

Do you have some half-finished DIY electrical projects lingering at your house?  No problem...We're ready to pick up where you left off!

Late one afternoon we received a phone call from a very nice gentleman on the south side of Minneapolis and he said "I need a good Minneapolis electrician to come in here and finish off a couple of small electrical projects I've started but can't finish.."  "Great!" I said, "our electrician will be there in the morning..."

Joe, our electrician arrived to find out that the small electrical projects were part of an impressive but scattered DIY remodel project.  Most of the electrical work was in the kitchen on one side ofinstalling new circuits the duplex where the walls had been stripped down to the studs.

Joe traced out the existing wiring, installed new circuits for some kitchen outlets and of course, we pulled an electrical permit.  Even though the project was somewhat larger than we initially anticipated, Joe was able to evaluate each of his electrical needs, provide itemized pricing and get started.  The installation went fantastic and our customer was happy to be relieved of his electrical projects.

Carrying all the necessary tools and parts on our vehicles allows our electricians to service all of your electrical needs! Our experts are trained to expect the unexpected and deliver the results you deserve!  So if your Minneapolis DIY project has you a little flummoxed, give us a call today! 612-385-7864.