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Truth in Housing Electrical Repairs in Bloomington, MN

Planning to sell your home in Bloomington?  Prepare yourself for the required Time-of-Sale inspection which may require electrical repair work to be performed before your home can be Code Compliance in Bloomingtonoccupied by the new homeowners.  The Time of Sale inspection is performed by the city of Bloomington and costs $190.00.  At closing you will need a certificate of compliance for a successful sale of your home.  Here is a link to the city of Bloomington Time-Of-sale requirement.

According to the city of Bloomington, not all repairs noted in the report need to be made - only the safety hazards.  Some of the common electrical repairs are fixing reverse polarity in your plugs, installing junction box covers, installing GFCI protection, fixing double tapped circuit breakers and installing outlets to eliminate extension cords - especially in garages.  An electrical permit will be required for most repairs and a separate electrical inspection would be performed by the city electrical inspector.

Selling your home can be stressful, but having a licensed electrician experienced with the city of Bloomington code compliance repairs can help your transaction go smoothly.   At Edison Electric, Inc. all of our electricians are experienced Journeyman and Master electricians who can  perform Time-of-Sale repair work on the first visit to your property.  Give us a call today 612-385-7864.


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