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Nest Vs. Honeywell - Thermostat Installation

I've installed plenty of customer supplied thermostats, including the Nest, but when it came time to upgrade the thermostat in my home I was forced to do a little research.  There are so many new thermostats on the market now...the research took awhile.  I began with the Nest.  It looked cool,  seemed popular and I'd heard a lot of good things about it.

When researching the Nest, it seemed like most of the complaints I read came from people installing the Nest on a 4 wire cable.  Based on what I've read, I would not trust a Nest on a 4 wire cable Thermostat in Minneapolis- too many people waking up to 88 degree houses.  After doing my homework, I decided to try the Honeywell Wi-Fi smart thermostat because it seemed simple to use and the reviews I read were very positive. The Honeywell instructions clearly stated that a five wire thermostat cable is required, so I replaced my four wire cable and installed the new thermostat.

The initial setup was easy and connecting the Honeywell thermostat to my Wi-Fi was simple.  I've been using the new thermostat for the last 3 months and I couldn't be happier.  I routinely use my cell phone to check and control the temperature in my home and the app for android has been flawless so far.  I can turn on the heat or air conditioning and toggle the temperature settings from anywhere I have cell phone service.  The thermostat schedules are fully programmable and the security feature is great.   20150409_140249_HDRSecurity can be set at different levels of permission with the highest level being a full screen lock, requiring a password to operate.

The Honeywell smart technology is a simple feature which "learns" about your furnace capabilities as opposed to the Nest which seems geared toward automatically learning your family schedule.  The Nest just seemed a little too "smart" for me and our always changing family schedules.  We will be doing a similar review blog post on a new Nest user -  one of our electricians who has installed the Nest in his home was kind enough to chronicle the installation and use.  He has been using it for about a week and he says so far so good.

If you have an opinion on a smart thermostat you are using,  please comment - we'd like to hear your thoughts!  Or give us a Call at 612.385.7864


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