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Exterior Light Fixture Replacement in Minneapolis

Have your exterior light fixtures seen better days? Exterior light fixtures play a vital role in keeping your house safe and stylish. Replacing your outdated exterior light fixtures is an affordable way to spruce up the exterior of your Minneapolis home. Here are some quick tips for selecting your replacement exterior light fixtures:Light Fixture In Minneapolis

- Consider upgrading your exterior light fixtures to have motion sensors with a dusk to dawn feature.  Many of the decorative light fixtures in the big box stores have motion sensors built directly into the light fixture.

- Make sure the new light fixture will direct enough light to where you need it.  Some exterior decorative light fixtures are for accent lighting rather than general illumination.

- Consider upgrading to energy efficient light bulbs.  Some of the L.E.D light bulbs on the market are rated for up to -4 degrees Fahrenheit and work fine in temperatures lower than -4 F.

- Get a durable light bulb rated for outdoor usage, make sure the light bulb is compatible with the light fixture and will fit in the light fixture properly.

Bonus Tip - Have a licensed Minneapolis electrician from Edison Electric, Inc. install your new light fixtures!  Having our licensed electricians install your new light fixtures will ensure that they are correctly grounded and properly fastened in place.  Give us a call! 612-385-7864

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