Lighting Design, Installation and Replacement

Lighting Design, Installation and Replacement

Are you thinking about updating the light fixtures in your home? Edison Electric can help you out with that! Replacing outdated light fixtures is a very cost effective way to update your home with style and personality.

Having an expert electrician install your light fixtures is the safest way to ensure your light fixtures are installed properly. Sometimes when the old light fixture is removed, we discover that the wiring behind the light fixture is brittle and damaged. Our electricians will inspect the wiring behind each light fixture to make sure it is safe.

Recessed Lighting Installation and L.E.D Upgrades

Installing recessed lighting is a great way to illuminate a room and our electricians can help you decide on the layout that will bring your room back to life. Whether you are finishing a basement or would like recessed lighting installed in your living room, our electricians can get it done!

If you have older recessed lighting in your home and the trims are yellow and the bulbs keep burning out, now is a great time to upgrade to L.E.D. modules! L.E.D. modules are totally maintenance free, have a 22 year lifetime and are dimmable. L.E.D. modules use about 1/6th of the energy that a standard flood lamp uses and can lower your energy usage significantly! They look fantastic and the light they give off is warm and natural.

Outdoor Security Lighting, Timer Switches and Motion Sensors

Keeping the exterior of your home well lit at night is one of the best ways to deter a burglar. Installing energy efficient motion lighting with a dusk to dawn feature is an effective way to startle someone trespassing on your property.

The utilization of astronomical timer switches for interior and exterior lights is another great way to keep a would be intruder guessing. The astronomical wall timers we install have a “random setting” which simulates usage of your lighting when you are out of town. Astronomical timers self-adjust to the changing seasons and daylight savings time and are virtually maintenance free!

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