Fire & CO2 Alarm

Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarms – Licensed Electricians

Did you know smoke alarms expire? If your home is older than 8 years old, chances are your smoke alarms are in need of replacement. Functioning smoke and carbon monoxide alarms are a critical safeguard to ensuring your family will be awakened if a fire or natural gas leak were to occur.Many of the homes our electricians visit each year either have no hardwired smoke alarms; or the smoke alarms they have are over 15 years old and expired. If your home doesn’t have any smoke alarms, it is time to embrace the safety and peace of mind that a properly functioning smoke alarm has to offer. It could save your life.

Options for Hardwired Life Safety Alarms

We realize that not every homeowner is going to follow our universal recommendation to install a complete hardwired smoke alarm system in their home. We want our customers to understand that having one hardwired smoke alarm is better than having no smoke alarms, and two is better than one and so on. Our electricians can price and install a complete hardwired system that meets modern code or we can price and install one smoke alarm near the bedrooms – it is up to you!

Nuisance Alarms

If your alarms are sounding for no reason, the first thing to do is stay calm and make sure there isn’t a fire or carbon monoxide leak. Carbon monoxide alarms should be taken very seriously; call your utility to check the carbon monoxide levels and leave the home if you suspect a CO2 leak.If you are certain it is a nuisance alarm, the next thing to do is grab a ladder and press the hush button on the alarm. If that doesn’t work, don’t smash it with a broom handle, call Edison Electric! Our support team will talk you through your options for getting the alarm to quiet. Chances are you need to replace your hardwired alarms – we can take care of it for you!

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