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Do you need electrical repairs completed by a licensed electrician before you can sell your home? Perhaps you have some light fixtures you want to replace. Call Edison Electric, Inc. today to schedule an appointment for all of your residential electrical needs! We have been providing quality electrical repairs to Crystal, MN residents since 2007. Let us be your go-to electrician!

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Do point of sale electrical repairs have you flustered? We can handle it! You need an electrician you can depend on for repairing code compliance issues for truth in the sale of housing requirements. Don’t call just anyone – call the professionals at Edison Electric, Inc.! Our other residential services in Crystal, MN include:

Advantages of Installing AFCI Breakers

AFCI outlets are required in your home to help prevent potential fires and other risks. They can also offer these advantages:

  • Detect arc faults before they start a fire.
  • Protect the wiring in the event of an arc fault.
  • Improve the safety of your home and your family.

Know the Cost Before We Start Your Electrical Repairs

We know you’ll agree – it’s important to know how much a service costs before you decide to buy it. That’s why when you call Edison Electric, Inc. we guarantee you will always know the total cost of work before your technician begins your repairs. During an appointment with us, your licensed, Crystal electrician will call you on the way to your home, evaluate your electrical needs, and share the total bill with you prior to starting work. We know you’ll appreciate this upfront pricing!

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Causes of Common Outlet Issues

A malfunctioning outlet can cause potential risks to your home, including the threat of a fire. To avoid these dangers it’s important to have your units repaired by a professional when there is an issue. Some common problems electricians can repair include:

  • Short-circuiting caused by exposed wiring or loose connections.
  • Wear and tear caused by aging devices. In this case, an electrician may recommend replacing the outlets.
  • Issues caused by faulty installation.
  • Overloading caused by plugging too much into a unit.

From minor issues like installing a new smoke detector to large repairs like rewiring your home, call Edison Electric, Inc. at 612-385-7864. We proudly provide complete electrical services to the Crystal, MN area.