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Need to Replace the Light Fixture in Your 20 foot tall Ceiling?

The ceiling in your home is 20 feet tall and the time has come for that outdated foyer light fixture to go.  You go to the box store and find a great deal on a light fixture you like, buy it and bring it home.  But with a ceiling 20' high you ask yourself, "Do I call an astronaut or an electrician...?"  Let me answer that one for you - give Edison Electric, Inc. a call!

Light fixture replacement in high ceiling

Adding Recessed LED can lights 20'ceiling- Lino Lakes, MN

We have a 16' fiberglass step-ladder we've named Grace and she gets the job done.  So if your looking to replace that chandelier or add high lumen L.E.D.recessed lighting, forget about the scaffolding - we've got Grace and the electricians/astronauts to handle all the electrical needs in your 20 foot ceiling.  Give us a call! 612-587-2777.  We serve Minneapolis, St.Paul and all the surrounding suburbs...