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Recessed Lighting in Woodbury, MN


Installing lighting

Installing recessed lighting in your home is a great way to illuminate almost any room.  We installed a few recessed lights in a basement for a family in Woodbury MN - the installation went terrific and our customer was pleased with the L.E.D. trim kits which emitted about a 60 watt equivalent. Here's a quick step by step...

Step one - layout. We consult with our customer to get a general idea of how they want the room to feel, then we layout templates on the ceiling while checking for studs and duct work.

installing recessed lightingStep two - grab our special Hole Pro drill bit and go to work on the 6-3/8" holes.  The Hole Pro collects the dust nicely and allows for a more efficient install.  Two hands on that drill Dyle!  drilling hole

Step three - pull the wire from hole to hole, carefully wire and seat the cans!

Step four - install the L.E.D trims.  The L.E.D. trim kits we install have a very clean and finished look.  They cost about $1.34 annually to operate compared to $8.52 for an incandescent bulb - they are maintenance free and should last 20-22 years depending on the usage.  For more information on lighting installation visit our website or give us a call today! - 612.385.7864