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Why Homeowners Should Avoid These 3 Electrical Hazards

Common Electrical Hazards That Everyone Should Be Aware Of

Many situations can cause electrical hazards or emergencies. They have to do with things like:

  • Improper usage of extension cords
  • Using unsafe appliances
  • Having wet hands while using electric items
  • Improper grounding
  • Even pouring water on an electrical fire

Three of the most common electrical mishaps in the home come from overloaded power strips, outdated and poor wiring, and using the wrong wattage or type of lightbulb. Although these issues may seem trivial, the damaging effects of misusing or routing too much electricity to the wrong place or at the wrong time can cause detrimental effects to an unsuspecting homeowner. The dangers associated with electrical hazards can range from a mild shock to death and can cause anything from an arc flash to an explosion. 

Having expertly skilled technicians thoroughly go over a home’s electrical layout is ideal for any homeowner. Read on to learn more about potential electrical hazards. 

Overloading Power Strips and Socketspowerstrips

Every home throughout the entirety of the United States will generally have working electrical outlets. These outlets, also known as sockets, typically have 2 spots for plugging in normal items and appliances that do not require special, larger sockets (i.e., washer machines, dishwashers, and refrigerators). Sometimes, it seems like the average everyday consumer needs more than just 2 outlets, which is where power strips come in. These handy modern devices allow for a 2 plug outlet to become a 5, 6, and 7 plug outlet. 

However, there is extreme danger by overloading a power circuit. This can cause an electrical fire, tripped breakers, and homeowner confusion in fixing these issues. Connecting power strips with other power strips or extension cords can further increase voltage load, causing issues. 

There is a difference between items that operate at a low power load and those that function at a high power load. Talking to a qualified electrician can help a homeowner better understand the do’s and don’ts of electrical hazards and safety. 

Looking Out for Poor and Outdated Wiring

According to The National Fire Prevention Association, the leading cause of residential house fires is due to faulty wiring. If wiring is damaged or worn, this increases the chance of an electrical hazard and fire. This issue should never be fixed by a homeowner themselves and should lay in the hands of responsibly skilled and certified electricians. If a home is experiencing any of these issues listed below, then the wiring needs an update, replacement, or at the very least, a thorough review by an electrician:

  • Outlets that feel warm
  • Outlets that smoke or spark when items are plugged into them
  • Breakers that flip often or repeatedly
  • If the wiring in a home is 30+ years old
  • Wires that have been chewed through or damaged by rodents
  • Lights that flicker or dim without any evident cause or reason

The Dangers of Using the Wrong Wattage of Light Bulbsbulb

Every socket and every item has a maximum amount of electricity that it can accommodate. Something that often gets overlooked is the power and energy used to turn on a lightbulb. Generally, lamps and other light fixtures have a set wattage for what strength of lightbulb it can power. An electrical fire can occur when ignored, and an all too powerful bulb gets put into the lamp or fixture. 

Not only can a too powerful bulb cause a fire via overloading the lamp’s wiring and circuitry, but it can also heat nearby curtains, bedding, and blankets, or upholstery. These materials are usually flammable, and by overloading the circuit, the lamp bulb heats up continuously, potentially setting the stage for a house fire. Lightbulbs can also cause electric shock if not handled carefully and removed or replaced when the appliance is turned off. 

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