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Three Ways to Transform the Backyard into the Perfect Place for Summer Fun!

Upgrade Outdoor Spaces to Make Them Ready for Guests This Summer

While it can sometimes get uncomfortably hot and humid during the summer months in Minneapolis, this is not the norm. Summertime is, for the most part, very pleasant. The cities' citizens enjoy getting out during the summer months, making it the best time of year for entertaining guests at home. The evenings in summer are refreshing and attractive, but the nice weather isn't the only thing of concern. Homeowners can do a few things to make the most of any outdoor get-together. Read on to find out all about them!

Exterior Lighting for Efficient Enhancement

lightingLighting is a major factor for both the front and back yards. Not only will the front yard be the first thing guests see when they arrive, but they will need to navigate it to get to the house. While there are plenty of practical ways to light the front yard — motion-sensor flood lights among the most popular — there are also ways to light it aesthetically pleasing. Pathway lights can guide guests to the front door, while up-lights on trees or the home's walls can add ambiance and helpful exterior illumination. 

There are plenty of options in the backyard to make the yard shine with outdoor lights. Step lights come in many different styles and are essential for ensuring guests don't trip on any steps in the yard or deck. Spotlights can showcase landscape features and statues. Bollard lights can provide 360 degrees of illumination in strategic areas throughout the yard. And, of course, string lights can provide a soft and warming glow to outdoor living spaces where people can relax and enjoy the summer nights. 

A Generator Can Be a Big Help

generatorWhile the summer months in Minneapolis can bring extremely pleasant weather, they can also bring severe storms. This is due to several factors, not the least of which are high temperatures and humidity. And with severe storms comes the risk of power outages. This is where a generator can be a big help. 

Whole-home generators can help keep the household safe during a power outage. This can keep food from spoiling by maintaining power to fridges and freezers. In extremely high temperatures (or low temps during winter), a generator can help protect the household by supplying power to the HVAC system. This can prevent the need to evacuate the house and pay for a hotel room until the power comes back. 

A Pool or a Hot Tub Adds Value

Homeowners looking to add significant value to their homes should consider installing a pool or a hot tub. A pool can provide a fun place for the family to spend time together. The kids can splash around while the adults relax and soak up vitamin D from the sun. A hot tub can provide a relaxing escape to help melt stress away. Best of all, hot tubs can be used year-round! 

Installing a pool or hot tub requires professional wiring by an experienced electrician. Many homeowners don't think about this when considering installing a pool or hot tub. Both need electrical wiring up to all current electrical regulations and codes. Luckily, there are trusted electricians just a phone call away.   

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