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This May, Don't Forget Electrical Safety

How to Be Safe Around Residential Electricity

Electricity is a powerful force of nature that people take for granted in this increasingly electronic world. Electricity used incorrectly or unsafely can have horrifying results. Customers need to be mindful of their electrical usage for their peace of mind and the safety of their home and others in it. This article details a few electrical safety tips that anyone can follow.

Tip #1: Plugin Fewer Devices Per Outletoutlet

If the presence of electronics has taught people anything, it is how to look for the most convenient outlet. The problem is that the most convenient is easy to overload if too many people want to use it. 

An overloaded outlet can cause the wires to overheat and melt the outlet and the protective wire coating. This can lead to an electrical fire. Here are a few ways to prevent an overloaded plug:

  • One outlet for one plug
  • Use surge protectors for multiple plugs
  • Avoid three-prong to two-prong adaptors
  • Avoid overusing extension cords
  • Schedule outlet repair for any outdated or broken outlets



Tip #2: Watch the Wattage

Light bulbs and other similar household items have a recommended wattage for use. Wattage is the energy that any electrical product uses within a certain period. All lightbulbs are marked by the number of watts they use, and light fixtures are labeled with a recommended wattage. Keeping these two numbers in sync is very important, using at or under the recommended wattage. 

While it may seem good to make a room brighter simply by using a higher wattage bulb in the lamp, this can cause a fire hazard. Using the correct wattage is a way to prevent this unfortunate result. 

Tip #3: Notice Signs, but NEVER DIY Electrical Projects

Since American society takes electricity for granted, people tend to notice when it is not working properly. If a homeowner notices that the electricity or wiring in a home is behaving strangely, they should call a professional for an appointment right away. Electricity is hazardous and must be handled properly to prevent tragic injury or death.  

Listed below are a few of the possible signs of an electrical problem.

  • Flickering Lights: This is not just one light flickering which likely means the lightbulb needs to be replaced, but a flickering or dimming of lights in whole sections of the house when high amp appliances (such as vacuums, hairdryers. and microwaves) are used.
  • Constant Breaker Throwing: If a breaker seems to be switching off for no reason, there may be some electrical hazards in the wiring.
  • Hot or Scorched Smell: If the smell of burning or melting plastic is present near an outlet or fixture, this is likely a serious electrical problem. Items should be unplugged or switches turned off immediately, and an electrician should be called.

Calling an electrician in Minneapolis can save a home or a life. When an electrical problem presents itself, call in the professionals. 

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