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Take Summer Fun To the Next Level With Lighting

Make Sure Your Backyard Is Lit for Summer

As summer approaches and the days become longer, it is time to start making plans for outdoor gatherings. But like everything else, our backyards got a year off from hosting parties and barbecues. To make sure the backyard is ready for summer fun, it may be time to consider different types of lighting. Lighting is the most important element of any hosting area, especially for the outdoors. 

These lights can range from giant floodlights to small string lights to LED bulbs that simply add to the aesthetic depending on the space. No matter the individual need, there is always room for more light. 

Powerful Flood Lightsfloodlights

With some homes, the primary area of concern is security rather than aesthetics. Rural areas with large yards may see more cases of holes, stumps, or even snakes that guests may not be able to see as the sun goes down. Luckily, there are many options for lights that make the yard seem like the sun never left. 

Floodlights are great options for homeowners who have security concerns because they are powerful, adjustable, and easy to install in any space. And the options for floodlights are extensive. There are many different finishes and bulbs to choose from, and there are also motion sensors on most floodlights. The lights will remain on for 1-10 minutes before shutting off if no motion is detected. 

Another option is dusk-to-dawn lights. These turn on automatically at sunset and remain on until dawn. However, these lights may need to be approved by neighbors or an association before being installed. 

Lively Landscape Lighting

Landscape lighting shows off the home and yard even after it turns dark. One can use landscape lights to highlight trees, gardens, architecture, and other unique points of the home. One of the most simple landscape lighting options is to line the path to the front door with lights. 

Not only does this increase the aesthetic, but it also provides more security for those entering or leaving the home after dark. Most landscape lighting systems are affordable and easy to install, but a professional can always give opinions on placement and types when needed. 


Aesthetic String Lights

The easiest way to take the aesthetic of any yard to the next level is to hang string lights outdoors. Just as string lights make indoor rooms cozier and inviting, they can also do it for outdoor spaces. This lighting option can brighten a dining area or encase a patio and make it look beautiful for summer. Or they can showcase the pool area for magical night swimming. 

However they are used, they are incredibly affordable and easy to install. It is also easy to utilize furniture and trees to hang them from, allowing homeowners to highlight natural parts of their yard. 

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