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Save Money With Energy Efficient Christmas Lights and Decorations

Tips To Use Holiday Lights Safely and Efficiently

Some of the most fun memories throughout childhood and adulthood involve decorating the home for the holidays, especially in the cold winter. Hanging lights and decorations can make a home feel so cozy and warm! However, homeowners should always check for electrical safety each year before hanging their decorations. A lot can happen in storage, especially if some lights get thrown into a box rather than neatly spiraled. Not only that, but festive lights usually aren’t the most durable on the market, so replacing them with LED lights is almost necessary, but more on that below. Professionals want homeowners to have all the best information to keep them safe and with more money in their wallets. 

Below is more information on the different types of lights and which are the best for saving money! 

LED Lights: the Initial Investment

led lightsLED lights revolutionized electricity. More specifically, it revolutionized the holiday decorating business. Almost everything today is made with LED lights, but holiday lights haven’t caught up as much as the rest of the world or electricity. Most string lights are still just regular bulbs, and those are the ones homeowners traditionally reach for.

There’s nothing wrong with a traditional string of lights! However, LED Christmas lights last much longer, making them better for the planet. They last longer than traditional string lights, and they are more energy efficient. Its a win-win. 

Battery-Operated Christmas Lights: Why They’re Essential

Battery-operated Christmas lights are another great way to save money this holiday season. If homeowners can find LED battery-operated lights for their Christmas tree lights, they will likely last longer than any other Christmas tree lights and be more energy-efficient. 

LEDs help to use less energy than traditional lights and battery-operated lights help to reduce energy use even more! 

Battery-operated lights are great too because they’re so versatile. They can be used for several different Christmas decorations, including:

  • Christmas tree lights
  • Indoor Christmas decorations
  • Outdoor Christmas lights for the home
  • Outdoor Christmas decorations for the lawn

Whatever the decoration, battery-operated and LED is the easiest way to save money each year because many battery-operated lights also have timers. This means the lights and decorations will turn off, so the homeowner doesn’t have to remember.

Lights set on a timer are amazing because: 

  • They reduce the risk of lights overheating and starting a house fire. 
  • They are more likely to last from year to year because they aren’t always on
  • They will last longer than any other lights and always use less energy than any other lights on the market 

Old School Tips

candlesHomeowners can do a few other things to save money while decorating for the holidays. 

For starters, candles are always an amazing option. Candles help set the mood and don’t require any energy! Of course, it is important that the homeowner practices fire safety if they choose to buy candles. A candle should never be left on if there’s no one at home or if everyone is asleep. One should also place candles in an area away from other things that could potentially catch on fire. One should also keep candles high and away from children at all times. 

Another great tip is to ensure all the decorations and lights are turned off before the last person falls asleep each night. The lights do not need to be on when much of the world is asleep. So, homeowners should save themselves money by turning off all outdoor (and indoor) lights and decorations before going to sleep each night. 

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