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Save Money On Holiday Decorations This Year!

The Top 3 Ways To Save Money While Decorating for Santa

It’s that time of year again! Homes are filled with warm dinners, laughter, and lots of seasonal decorations. Every year, it seems like there are better and more modern decorations than the last year. Because of this, homeowners spend so much extra money each year on new decorations. It doesn’t help that decorations always require some electricity running through them. 

For the homeowners that are looking to save a few extra bucks this year, there are three major tips that the professionals want homeowners to be aware of. These tips will not only save homeowners money, but they are great safety tips as well!  

Energy Efficient LED Lights

led light

A few years ago, LED lights were rarely seen inside the home. Now, pretty much every homeowner is familiar with them and has them in their home. They are notorious for being energy-efficient and long-lasting. Not to mention, some kinds change colors nowadays and can be programmed to change the colors as well. Installing energy-efficient LED lights into the home is likely to have a noticeable difference on the monthly bills for years to come. 

Some common benefits of energy-efficient LED lights are: 

  • Durable
  • Long-lasting
  • Programmable
  • Overall great value

Don’t let the holiday decorations zap up that electric bill. These LED lights will help reverse that effect so that homeowners can enjoy holiday decoration once again.

Get All the Baking Done at Once

This might seem like something easier said than done, but getting all the baking done at once can help save energy as well! Well, the person doing all the baking might not agree with that statement, but the homeowner’s electric bill will. 


When people bake, the oven has to preheat every time it turns on. This alone uses up a lot of energy each time. When the unit pretty much runs consistently for an entire day, it doesn’t need much power to warm up again. Not to mention it frees up the homeowner’s time to enjoy more holiday festivities!

Only Use Electrical Decoration With Timers

This is perhaps the most important tip of all three. Homeowners need to make sure that they only buy electrical decorations that have timers

There are many reasons for this, but two are extremely important to remember: 

  • Energy Bill: The energy bill is something homeowners have come to realize will probably increase during the holiday season, and for more than one reason. Families cook more and spend more time together, which means appliances in the home get used more. The last thing homeowners need is an electrical decoration without a timer. Chances are, they will forget it’s on and rack up their electrical bill in the process. 
  • Safety: The only thing worse than leaving a decoration on all night and racking up the electrical bill is the safety hazard it produces. If the lights get too hot, the decoration could catch fire. That is why all decorations must be turned off before bedtime, and why it's smart to invest in a smoke detector.

By keeping these tips in mind, homeowners can enjoy a safe and energy-efficient holiday season filled with joy, plenty of food, and tons of twinkling lights. 

Edison Electric, Inc. Is There No Matter What

At Edison Electric, Inc. they work hard to provide safety, service, and innovation. They want their customers to feel comfortable asking them anything, especially tips for saving money on decorations! They are the true elves of the holiday season. Call today to schedule electrical services!