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Kick Off the Holidays Early with Holiday Lighting

Get an Early Start on Christmas Yard Decor 

There are a lot of strong opinions when it comes to how early is too early to start decorating for the holidays. But really, is it ever too early to start celebrating a season of joy and giving? The best way to kick off the season and show the neighbors the spirit of Christmas is to put together a big lighting and decoration display. 

While decorating for Christmas can be fun, one should do it responsibly. Every year families suffer from fires caused by electrical malfunctions in Christmas decorations. Here are a few tips to help holiday decorators celebrate and show their joy while also not creating a hazard

Choosing the Right Type of Lights lights

Decorating the home for Christmas can be as big of a job as someone wants to make it. Indoor decorations are necessary, and outdoor Christmas decorations are usually on the to-do list. Choosing the right type of lights and decorations is necessary for the job. A few details to keep in mind when developing a decorating strategy for the whole home are:

  • Exterior light strands can be used indoors or outdoors
  • One can only use Interior light strands indoors
  • Outdoor decorations should all have the UL stamp of approval for damp locations
  • Icicle light strands look good but can be a pain to take down and store
  • Remember to check the lumen rating on light strands to ensure they aren’t too dim to be seen 
  • Don’t be too cheap– quality Christmas decorations can be used for years if they are made to last 



Never Neglect Electrical Safety 

The main danger when it comes to Christmas decorations is an electrical fire. Electrical fires become more common during the holidays because people fail to observe good electrical safety principles. Following a few simple rules can make homes merry and bright without taking the risks of a fire. 

First and foremost, plan. The main cause of electrical fires from Christmas decorations is overloaded outlets, extension cords, and circuits. Take a moment to decide where certain decorations will go. For larger, higher-wattage decorations spread them out on different circuits and use as few extension cords as possible. Also, never connect too many lighting strands. Most light strands have the desired number printed on the box. 

Second, inspect decorations. Damaged decorations are another serious problem. Before installing decorations, look for frayed wiring and damaged insulation. If there is any doubt, discard the light or decoration. 

Stay Green for the Holidays 

Evergreens are the symbol of the season and can also be the goal of Christmas decorations. What better way to ensure the earth is ever-green than installing energy-efficient holiday decorations? Here are a few suggestions: 

  • LED Christmas Lights: These low-energy lights allow vibrant and colorful decorations without wasting energy. 
  • Solar Christmas Lights: These lights have zero carbon footprint, and as a bonus, turn themselves off after a few hours, saving the owner the trouble. 
  • Battery-Operated Christmas Lights: These are great alternatives for windows or spaces with no outlets nearby. 

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