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It's Time to Hang the Holiday Lights!

Plan for the Busy Season and Start Decorating Now

Starting just a little before Thanksgiving, the holiday season picks up, and everyone is busy. While some people try to slow down and take it easy at the end of the year, most people end up closing the year with a bang. Among people's responsibilities during this time of year, holiday decorating is one of the most time-consuming and statistically the most dangerous. 

Getting an early start with holiday decorating may be just the thing to help ease the stress of the holiday season. A beautiful decorating scheme inside and outside the home can help everyone enjoy the holidays in peace. As a bonus, homeowners will get to enjoy the fruits of their labor for longer. Here are a few pointers.

Finding the Right Lights Indoors and Outdoors

The choice that one must make about holiday decorations is the location. In most cases, homeowners decide to decorate indoors and outdoors. The choice of decorations includes everything from tabletop displays to inflatable outdoor lawn ornaments. But, the first thing homeowners need to be aware of is where certain decorations are safe. 

Lighting and electrified displays can be rated indoors or outdoors. It is important to install only things that are rated for the outdoors outside. Decorations designed for the outdoors have thicker insulation and are built to stand up to harsh winter conditions. However, one can also use outdoor decorations indoors. By using outdoor-rated decorations outside, there is less chance of a safety hazard. 

Never Forget Electrical Safetyprevent fire

The holidays should be a time of comfort and joy, but unfortunately, the holiday season rivals Independence Day when it comes to fires. About half of the fires that start during the holidays can be attributed to electrical fires, and every single one could've been prevented with good electrical safety. 

Follow these simple tips to prevent fires around the home during the holiday season:

  • Inspect decorations for signs of overheating, abrasions, or damaged wiring before installing
  • Break indoor and outdoor lighting up between different circuits
  • Don't overload outlets
  • Never run extension cords from inside to outside decorations
  • Ensure GFCIs are protecting outdoor displays
  • Use surge protectors with overcurrent protection for larger loads 

Eco-Friendly Lights to Go Greeneco

During the holiday season, energy usage always goes up. Not only do heating bills rise but running all of those decorations will cause a spike in electricity usage. In the last few years, there has been a massive increase in the production of eco-friendly holiday lighting in the form of LEDs. 

Not everyone upgrades their holiday decorations every year, but if it's been a while since indoor and outdoor lighting has been upgraded, choosing to buy LEDs can be a great choice. Not only will the reduced energy usage save money through the holiday season, but it can also lower the carbon footprint of the holidays. 

About Edison Electric, Inc.

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