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How To Upgrade a Detached Garage Door in the New Year

Three of the Most Important Electrical Upgrades for a Detached Garage

There are several steps that can be taken to keep a detached garage in good condition for years.  Despite being detached, this type of garage should be treated just like any other part of the house when it comes to routine maintenance and upgrades. Therefore, when drafting New Year’s resolutions, homeowners are advised to keep these three options in mind when upgrading their detached garage. 

Installation of New GFCI Outlets


When dealing with electricity, there is a need to exercise caution and install devices or systems that minimize electrocution risk. The use of Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter outlets, also known as GFCIs, is an excellent example of a safer way to handle electricity in a detached garage. These outlets are so effective that every state requires homeowners to install them in new homes and older ones alike. Some of the benefits of installing GFCI outlets include:

  • Lower risk of electrocution: When they detect even the smallest form of electrical current traveling along an unintended path, GFCI outlets immediately cut off the power to save lives and avoid damages.
  • Increased home value: Because GFCI outlets are considered a basic requirement in modern construction, they help increase the value of any building. Homeowners would rather buy a home with GFCI outlets already installed than having to install them later after moving in.

Inspect Circuit Breakers and Wiring

In a detached garage, the circuit breaker is that one switch that automatically cuts off the flow of electricity in case of a short or overload. Some common circuit breaker problems to watch out for in a detached garage include:

  • Humming sounds when overloaded
  • Difficulty in turning the switch on and off
  • Strange smells coming from the circuit breakers
  • Presence of shocks and sparks
  • Dimming and flickering lights


Homeowners should also ensure that all wires are in good condition. It is essential to check for hanging or broken wires running to and from the garage.

Installing an Electric Car Charger

Electric cars are the future of the automobile industry, and having a detached garage with electric car chargers is a major plus for any homeowner. Firstly, a detached garage with an electric car charger has a higher value than those lacking this feature.

In the next few years, electric cars will become more popular than the traditional ones, making homes with electric car chargers even more valuable in the real estate market.

Secondly, it is safer and more convenient to charge electric cars from home than in public charging stations. Speaking of convenience, electric car owners can simply park their cars in the detached garage, plug it in, and then go on with their business.

Homeowners are always advised to consider installing electric car chargers even if they do not own electric cars. With such a device in place, a garage is guaranteed to survive the future when electric vehicles flood the market.

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