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Now Is the Time Get the Breaker Panel Ready for the Holidays

It's Time To Prepare the Breaker Panel for the Strain of Holiday Visitors

With the holidays just around the corner, homeowners are starting to get ready. They're shopping early for holiday gifts, they're digging up the old family-favorite recipes, and they're starting to decorate their homes and yards. But as homeowners prime their homes for the holiday season, they should also check to ensure that the house is functional.

If homeowners have guests come over to stay for the holidays, it could put additional strain on the home's electrical system. More lights will be on for longer and more TVs, devices, and WiFi will be used. Homeowners need to be sure that all aspects of their homes are ready for the holidays this year.

What Does a Breaker Panel Do, Anyway?

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The breaker panel is one of the most essential pieces of the home's electrical system. Think of it as a big switch that distributes power to different parts of the home by separating the electrical power into different circuits. 

In addition to distributing power through the home, the breaker panel also plays a key role in electrical safety. The breaker can cut off the electrical current when there's a short or an overload of power, preventing damage to the circuit, appliances, and electronics in the home. This also prevents sparks, electrical shocks, and fires from starting in the house.

These Signs May Mean the Breaker Panel Needs Repair

Because breaker panels are essential to electrical safety, homeowners should recognize the signs of a breaker panel that needs repair.

These signs include:

  • Burning smell and hot to touch: If there is a burning smell coming from the breaker panel, or if it feels hot to touch, the wiring and insulation have likely overheated. This is a major sign that the panel needs repairing.
  • Physical damage: Homeowners should take the time to examine the exterior of their breaker panel every so often. If they can spot scorch marks, corrosion, frayed wires, or other physical damage, the panel likely needs to be replaced. 
  • Breakers tripping frequently: The breakers are meant to trip as a safety precaution when there's too much power being drawn. But if the breakers are tripping every time a certain appliance is used, it's likely a sign that the breaker is worn and needs replacing.

Deciding When To Replace the Breaker Panel


Depending on the level of damage done, homeowners may be able to repair the breaker panel without replacing it if they notice any of the signs mentioned above. However, when there is severe damage, the breaker panel will need to be switched with a newer model.

Besides damage and break downs, another situation sometimes requires homeowners to replace the breaker panel. Suppose homeowners plan to remodel, upgrade old appliances with newer models, or build onto their homes. In that case, they should consult with a professional to determine if they will need a new breaker panel. 

The existing breaker panel may be too outdated to handle the newer technology or may not keep up with the additional power required when adding onto the house. Homeowners should always consider this when planning their next home improvement.

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