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Keep Leprechauns Away with a Green Home This St. Patrick's Day

Three Easy Ways Go "Green" at Home

St. Paddy's Day is just around the corner, and folks are already pulling out their green sweaters, shamrock-shaped pins, and other green gear to prepare for the day. Wearing an emerald item isn't the only way to fend off those pesky leprechaun pinches! Try turning the home green this year instead! The house will be "greener" to celebrate St. Patrick's Day, and homeowners will benefit from energy-efficient changes all year round by following these easy tips!

Use Natural Sun Lighting 

woman at the window

The sun has been brightening the home for thousands of years! It's a natural, reliable source of lighting with a consistent schedule, and it doesn't cost a dime! What's not to love? 

Natural lighting is one of the most efficient and affordable ways to lower an electric bill and make an energy-efficient home. Not only does natural lighting brighten the house for free, but it also helps trigger the happy hormones of the human brain, meaning that the people in the house will be in a better mood when natural light is streaming into the house. 

Switch To Energy-Efficient Appliances

Another easy way to "go green" at home is to look at the electrical appliances used. If not, it's time to consider replacing them. Sure, the old hunk of a dishwasher, fridge, and washing machine still runs, but are they running well? Older machines simply don't cut it when it comes to energy-efficiency and cost-effectiveness. 

Homeowners can look for new appliances that rated well for their energy-efficiency. Energy-efficient models can save homeowners hundreds of dollars a year on water and electrical costs. Newer models are also less likely to break down and require costly repairs and tend to be quieter, smaller, and have a smaller footprint than older appliance models. 

Power Down and Unplug Appliances

It's pretty common to see appliances plugged in 24/7 in a home. It may seem to save time to keep the coffee pot, toaster, and phone charger plugged in all day - after all, they'll be ready to use right away! But, the reality is that keeping appliances plugged in all day wastes energy

How does a plugged-in charger waste energy if the phone or laptop isn't plugged into it? Well, when televisions or computers get "turned off," they usually actually go into a "stand-by" mode, meaning they still use power. The same stand-by mode happens in chargers: a phone charger plugged in but not charging a phone will waste around 0.26 watts of energy a day, and a laptop charger plugged in but not charging a laptop will waste around 4.42 kWh a day. 


This issue of wasted energy from plugged-in, unused devices is sometimes referred to as vampire waste. Every unused, plugged-in appliance is siphoning off energy when it is plugged in. The easiest way to stop the energy-waste is to unplug unused appliances in the home. Homeowners don't have to go the whole 9-yards and try unplugging their dishwasher or washing machine, but easy to access, portable appliances like the toaster or laptop charger can be unplugged until needed to save energy and money for the home.

These three simple tips are easy ways to make the home a little greener and a whole lot more energy-efficient this St. Paddy's Day!

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