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Easy Electrical Improvements to Add to Your New Year's Resolutions

3 Easy Electrical System Improvements for This Year

This new year, homeowners should take better care of their electrical systems with these three simple improvements. Keeping up with electrical service can go a long way in keeping the home safe from electrical fires and accidental electrocutions. Improving the electrical system can also help to cut back on energy costs.

circuitsStop Overloading Your Circuits 

A common mistake that homeowners make is overloading their electrical circuits. This simple mistake could be more costly than it seems. Overloading the circuits can cause permanent damage to the electrical wiring and could result in expensive and time-consuming repairs. The other risk of overloading circuits is that the power could shut off. 

Electrical fires and accidental electrocution make it not worth the risk of overloading electrical circuits when there are simple ways to avoid it. The way to avoid overloading the circuits is to calculate the circuit load. Some appliances list how many amps of electricity they use, but homeowners may need to estimate based on ballpark ranges. The larger the appliance, the more power it likely uses. 

Some homeowners may find that their home needs new circuit installation to handle all of their electrical appliances. Installing a new outlet is easier than doing circuit repair to fix the damage caused by a circuit overload gone wrong. Surge protectors are also a handy tool for preventing electrical overload. 

Get Old Wiring and Outlets Inspected outlets

Homeowners should not neglect to inspect their wiring and electrical outlets by an experienced electrician, especially when the wiring is old and outdated. An inspection helps to identify problems with the electrical system before they get out of control. Having old wiring inspected can prevent house fires and accidental electrocution. 

During the inspection, the electrician will find any problems with the electrical system and help the owner create a plan to correct them. Most electricians recommend that a home be inspected at least every five years for faulty wiring or outlets. The inspection is also a good time for the homeowner to ask the electrician questions on improving the electrical system’s safety and performance. 

Replace Damaged Electrical Components 

At the start of this new year, homeowners should make a point to assess their electrical systems for signs of damaged wires or outdated components. After an electrical safety inspection is complete, the homeowner should then bring the home up to code compliance with home rewiring and outlet replacement wherever is necessary.

Damaged and old wiring in residential houses is a common cause of accidental electrocutions and fires. Leaving electrical system components in disrepair can also increase the power bill and lead to more expensive repairs down the line. Homeowners can start the year off fresh with the help of an experienced electrician by replacing any damaged electrical components. 

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