Are you thinking of finishing your basement or adding a 240 volt circuit for an electric stove, but your electrical panel is already full?  When there is no more space available in your electrical panel, there are a few different options available for new circuits.

Replacing your electrical panel or upgrading your electrical service are options for adding new circuit breaker space.  Another, possibly less expensive is installing a sub-panel.  A sub panel is a Ne circuits in Minneapolisseparate electrical panel that is powered through the main panel.  Always use a licensed electrician when running new circuits and deciding if a sub panel is the correct solution for your house.   A sub-panel isn’t always possible and it isn’t always the best solution, but in certain circumstances it is the most practical.

For expert electrical service, give Edison electric your consideration.  Our electricians are all licensed, bonded and insured for your protection.  We drive fully stocked service vehicles to save you time – most of our service calls can be completed in one trip!  612.385.7864

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