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Replacing Electrical Outlets in Minneapolis?

Replacing electrical outlets in Minneapolis? Many homeowners are under the impression that replacing electrical outlets in Minneapolis is a simple task which can be performed themselves or by a handyman. The common phone call our dispatchers receive usually goes like this: “My husband was replacing some outlets in the kitchen this weekend and we heard a


Are they smoke alarms or fire alarms? How about both!

Let's roll the dice and make some educated assumptions about the fire alarms in your home Chances are... Your fire alarms are expired Your fire alarms are unreliable and the cheapest available Your fire alarms do not offer the best protection for your family Now the facts: The manufacturers and the National Fire Protection Association say... Smoke alarms expire after


Recessed Lighting in Woodbury, MN

  Installing recessed lighting in your home is a great way to illuminate almost any room.  We installed a few recessed lights in a basement for a family in Woodbury MN - the installation went terrific and our customer was pleased with the L.E.D. trim kits which emitted about a 60 watt equivalent. Here's a quick