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Federal Pacific Electrical Panels - Replacement

We get a fair amount of phone calls asking about Federal Pacific Electrical Panels.  Worried customers call and ask, "Are they dangerous?  Do I have to replace it?  How much would it cost to replace it?" We could bore you with the technical reasons as to why you should replace your FPE circuit box, but what if


Upgrading to Three Prong Outlets With a Ground

Need 3-prong receptacles installed in place of your 2-prong plugs?  Delegate this installation to the trained electricians at Edison Electric, Inc. in Minneapolis.  Incorrectly installed 3-prong outlets are a major home safety concern. Most receptacle outlets in modern houses have three prongs.  One prong is for a "hot" wire, one prong is for a "neutral" wire, the round


Nest Vs. Honeywell - Thermostat Installation

I've installed plenty of customer supplied thermostats, including the Nest, but when it came time to upgrade the thermostat in my home I was forced to do a little research.  There are so many new thermostats on the market now...the research took awhile.  I began with the Nest.  It looked cool,  seemed popular and I'd heard a


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Tripped Circuit Breaker?

Just like you, a circuit breaker has a job to do.  Its duty is to monitor the amount of current traveling through your wires.  When there is too much current, the circuit breaker is supposed to "trip" or turn off power to the entire circuit.  Without properly functioning circuit breakers, the wires behind your walls could