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Mystery Switches and Outlets in Your House?

Moving from one house to another can be an arduous task. Hauling belongings through hallways without scuffing the walls. Calling the cable company, changing the address, meeting the new neighbors...  But eventually, the hard work is all worth it.  The new place becomes a home. Finishing touches like decorating and settling into the new house


Exterior Light Fixture and Outlet Replacement - Licensed Electricians

Have you ever had the siding on your home replaced? Did you know that your exterior light fixtures and outlets were removed and re-installed in order to replace your siding?  In fact, most of the electrical components on the exterior surface of your home, including your electrical meter box, exterior outlets and air conditioning disconnect were probably loosened in order to


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Garage Power Outage? Check Your GFCI Outlets

In the spring and summer months we get a fair amount of calls for lost power to detached garages.  If your garage is powered by a standard 120 volt circuit and you have lost power, there is a possibility that you have a ground fault circuit interrupter somewhere in your garage circuit that may need to be